Thursday, September 24, 2009


Here is what you’ve all been waiting for!

Remember, find recipes that you and your family like. I will be linking the actual recipes to this as I have time as well as adding breakfast and lunch ideas. But for now, here’s the next 30 days of dinners at the Boersma home (highlighted in red are things I do before going to bed in order to be prepared for the next day):

Sunday: Lunch at friends’, leftovers for dinner - soak beans, get grd. beef from freezer

Monday: Beef & Bean Casserole, raw carrots - soak black beans

Tuesday: Chicken Tortilla Soup with toppings

Wednesday: Church Dinner night! YAY! - take salmon out of freezer, soak quinoa

Thursday: Salmon, veggies, quinoa

Friday: Neighborhood dinner

Saturday: Homemade Pizza

Sunday: Homegroup for lunch/potluck - take veggies out of freezer, if needed

Monday: Cheesy Vegetable soup w/ homemade croutons, fruit - take chicken out of freezer

Tuesday: Chicken Pot Pie, fruit or applesauce

Wednesday: Church Dinner Night!

Thursday: Spaghetti w/ homemade sauce, veggie, bread

Friday: Out for dinner or leftovers

Saturday: Homemade pizza night, fruit/veggies - soak quinoa

Sunday: Crockpot Chicken Quinoa, spelt rolls - take grd beef out of freezer, soak beans

Monday: Tacos, pinto beans, veggies/fruit

Tuesday: Tortellini Soup, veggies/fruit

Wednesday: Church Dinner night! - chicken out of freezer

Thursday: Stir-fry with chicken/veggies, brown rice

Friday: Spaghetti Pie

Saturday: Hotdogs, veggies, chips

Sunday: Homegroup Potluck - soak split peas, take sausage out of freezer

Monday: Split Pea/Kale/Sausage Soup, spelt rolls, applesauce - chicken out of freezer

Tuesday: Chicken Divan

Wednesday: Church Dinner Night - soak cornbread and beans, beef out of freezer

Thursday: Chili/Cornbread

Friday: Date night! (kids get “natural chicken nuggets”, veggies, fruit)


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