Sunday, August 22, 2010


Wow, if the weather has anything to do with it, it FEELS like summer is winding down here in the Pacific Northwest. BRRR! We had our outdoor service today for church and I am thankful I brought blankets along!

Our time in the Pacific Northwest is also winding down....we shared with our congregation here last week that we will be moving soon. Bryan has accepted a "call" to be the Associate Pastor at Rockford Reformed Church in Rockford, MI. He will be preaching weekly, which will be a new but welcomed challenge for him. God has been working in him over the last 6-8 months or so and has ignited a desire to preach God's Word regularly. That, along with doing some adult discipleship and assimilation of new members into the life of the church will make this position a perfect fit for Bryan. We are excited about the new ministry opportunities there.

The BEST part is that we will be only about 40 minutes from our families! For that, we are rejoicing! (and so are our families!)

We found a house there a couple weeks ago as well. We are excited to down-size a bit and live a bit more simply. I'll keep you posted on that progress!

Since my blog is also about food- I will leave you with a QUICK and easy way to use that nutritious KALE that might be growing in your garden........


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
1. Wash and de-stem kale
2. Cut kale into smaller, bite-sized pieces
3. Arrange on cookie/baking sheet
4. Drizzle with olive oil
5. Sprinkle with salt. (add some garlic powder for extra yumminess, if you choose)
6. Bake on tray for 8-10 minutes until edges JUST start to turn light brown.
7. Allow to cool and then ENJOY!!!