Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blog world....

So, I am apparently a terrible blogger. I just cannot 1) remember to blog, or 2) find anything interesting to blog about. SO, I made a decision....I will blog about exciting things that happen in the life of the Boersma family, but I will also blog about FOOD! I LOVE food - I love cooking food, eating food, trying new things ---but most of all I love learning more about eating healthy and eating whole, natural foods.

I think this all started a few years back when we found out Levi might have an intolerance to wheat/gluten. We cut it out for several months and he seemed to do really well off of it (no more tummy aches, gastric problems or skin issues). Then we gradually added it back in. I have found if he has too much that those same problems flare up - but a little is okay. All of this had me on a quest to learn about different foods and ways of cooking.

So, to start things off, I will share a few of the websites that I've really been loving (especially their recipe sections):

I love their recipe sections, but also love the fact that they all TEACH me something (the reason behind eating/cooking what they do).

So, browse away on them. I will share some of the "new" foods I've been using in my kitchen lately!

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JANELLE said...

Well look at you Ms New Blog Commentary - I love it!! I actually am going to browse them tonight.. I am bored of my recipes!
Miss you