Monday, September 28, 2009


Yum - cheesy, creamy, warm and still somewhat healthy with lots of veggies!!! This is what we are eating tonight! Due to some dairy issues that I've found I have if I eat too much milk/ice cream, etc, I often will substitute COCONUT MILK for the regular milk. It actually gives it a really nice flavor!!!!

Here's a link to the GARDEN CHOWDER recipe that I "stole" from someone else's blog!!! *I also usually leave out the green pepper and before adding milk I often puree about 1/2 of the soup just to give it some different consistency.

I also make the HOMEMADE CROUTONS to put on top of it. She also talks about how to use stale bread for bread crumbs! SUPER idea. I often keep a ziplock bag in my freezer and when we have bread that is stale (or the ends of the loaf), I put them in the ziplock bag in the freezer until I'm ready to grind them up into bread crumbs!!!

*Note, since I am trying to be super frugal and not "waste" a lot of things, if I ever have extra broccoli or cauliflower that I cannot use before it spoils, I par-boil it (boil for like 2 minute), then freeze for later use. It works GREAT in this soup. I also peel and chop up the "softer" part of the broccoli stems (and freeze until I need it) because it works great in this soup too!!!

*This soup freezes well, so I often double and stick some in the freezer for a day when I don't feel like cooking!!!

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