Saturday, September 3, 2011

Need your help!

I need your help!!! I am looking for a name for my new, upcoming blog (which may include a new name/handle for myself). My blog's main focus will be on REAL FOOD! I will talk about what makes something REAL FOOD, where to get it, how to cook and eat it. Also thrown in will be some education surrounding REAL food and why it is best for you (that's where the RN part of me will come shining through). 

I want something catchy but not cheesy......thoughts so far are "Real Food Eater", "Eating Real Food", "Real food, real health" etc. But, those aren't super creative, so I am looking for your help! Any and all suggestions are welcome!!!


1 comment:

dona-r said...

Have you figured out a blog name yet? I like your "Adventures through life & food!".
Blogging for Body & Soul
Boersmas Living the Life
Real Food = Real Life

take care....