Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 sources to help you eat BETTER quality foods!!!

FIRST: I am cautiously excited!!!! I just learned today of a new store that is going to be "opening" online in early October. It is called the Green PolkaDot Box!  They are committed to offering VERY affordable (up to 60% off the prices in healthfood stores) ORGANIC and non-GMO foods. Click on GMO if you don't know what GMO foods are! Eventually, they are also planning on providing ORGANIC produce from the U.S.! They plan at this point to only get organic produce from U.S. farms that are sustainable!!!

Anyway, this store is almost ready to get off the ground and they are offering FREE memberships. (By the way, this is not an MLM-type company or anything - it is just like a Costco or Sam's Club where you have a yearly membership - the only difference is that they are an online store). Typically, their membership is going to be $50, but they are offering FREE memberships currently for the first year as they get off the ground. They have other membership options available where you can earn a % of your shopping total back in rewards points, plus a "big-money" membership called a "Founding Trust Membership" to get in on the ground floor as a "founder". To get any of the memberships, including the FREE one, you do have to watch a 35 minute informational video about their store. I just forwarded it through the big-money membership part, so it didn't take nearly that long. After that, you can set up your free membership and when their store opens, you will be among the first to be able to shop with them!

I am SUPER, DUPER excited about it. Even though I have put together a buying club - a group of families that are ordering together from some natural food wholesalers to get better prices - there are still things that we haven't been able to get from the sources we have. I think this will fill in the gaps. PLUS, this is a great thing for your family to shop from! There are NO minimums, no required ordering, but they DO give you FREE shipping on orders of $150 or more (and if it is under $150, it is just a flat rate of $9.95, which seems very reasonable). They also have options if you have special dietary needs (gluten-free, etc) so you can shop for ONLY those products!

Click HERE to go to the site and learn more! I really wish I had thought of this idea - it is SO brilliant and exciting!!!

SECOND: I have also discovered great website called "Cooking Traditional Foods" where you can sign up for a FREE e-course on making changes to how you eat!!! Click HERE to go to it! I signed up for the newsletters even though we've changed our food sources to most of these items. It is great info to have and encourages you to make slow, small changes to eat healthier, more natural, traditional, whole, high-nutrient foods! I know over the years as I have made these changes in our home, we have found that we all feel better, have more energy and RARELY get sick. I would love to help you along the way too!!!

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