Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BENTO boxes and great ideas for kid's lunches!

I am super excited - getting stuff ready for school for the kids and since you all know I love anything about food or health-eating, I found these  bento box containers that I am SO pumped about! I also got Levi an ORANGE lunch box cooler

AND I got these cute fruit/veggie/cheese cutters to make lunches super cute and kid-appealing lunchbox options.

Since I really believe that the lunches at the schools are pretty nasty (anybody with me?), we allow Levi to pick out one lunch per week at school and the rest of the days he gets packed a lunch. If you are anything like me things get a little boring after a while and I hope these will help liven things up a bit!!!

I also found some really fun ideas HERE and HERE for ideas for making bento lunches for kids. I didn't get the little muffin things, but I might get those at some point to hold little snacks, etc, in the boxes! Do any of you use these cute boxes (or similar ones) for your kid's lunches???

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