Thursday, October 29, 2009

A natural version of Tamiflu??

OKay, so I know most of us are dealing with the H1N1 flu going rampant in our communities. We made the decision not to vaccinate for that (or the regular flu, for that matter) and so we're keeping healthy in other ways - you can read my other blog (search for it) on natural immune boosters.

BUT, yesterday I came across some information on a natural alternative if you DO start feeling the symptoms of the flu. Its called ELDERBERRY SYRUP....its all-natural and therefore is free of the nasty side effects of other anti-virals like Tamiflu. I've been looking into the safety of taking while pregnant and some sources are saying "yes" others say "ask your healthcare provider" if I need to take it I will call and ask first. Here are some studies on the effectiveness of Elderberry Syrup which were pretty impressive.....

Try elderberry syrup to fight the flu, more

You can use it preventatively or when you actually feel the flu coming on - just like Tamiflu, it says to start using it regularly within 24-48 hours of the onset of symptoms.

I bought some yesterday and I'll let you know how it works (although hopefully we won't have to use it!!)

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