Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soccer Season has begun!!!!

Sorry in advance that I don't have any pictures included, but in the upcoming weeks I PROMISE I will!!!

Levi had his first SOCCER GAME today!!! He's had 2 practices so far, which gave a great preview on how entertaining this is going to be. Not only is Bryan the coach, but the first day 2 kids didn't show up, so we only have 5 on our team - and one of them is high-functioning autistic. It makes things very exciting!!

So, Levi got his uniform on Thursday and wouldn't take it off! We even let him sleep in it last night. He was SO excited!! He did a great job today too - he's a great runner and even kicked the ball a few times. The other team had some big kids that were a bit indimidating, but Levi loved every minute out there. We'll have to work on the passing thing and being aggressive, but the point is that they all had FUN!!!

As for Julia, she loved watching and wanted to play. She's going to be the aggressive little athlete I think. I'm trying to find a gymnastics class to enroll her in - she LOVED watching gymnastics during the Olympics and does sommersaults perfectly, standing up with her arms apart and in the air just like the Olympians! Its cute.

She's also talking up a storm and is mostly a very happy child....feisty, but happy. She starts "Mother's Day Out" on Monday, a program our church is doing from 930-130 each monday morning so the moms can get out and have a morning to themselves. The 2 and 3-year-old room is set up like a little preschool, so she'll have story time, play time, music time, etc. I told her about it and she said "Me school", so I think she's excited!!!

I'll try to post more pics soon!!! Thanks for reading!!!!

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