Sunday, June 1, 2008

Levi is 4!!!!

I can't believe Levi William is 4 years old! He turned 4 on Thursday, May 29th. The day before he kept asking me "Am I 4 yet?". I told him he'd be 4 when he woke up the next morning. SO, Thursday morning the first question was "Am I 4 now?!" "YES!" we replied. It was like being 4 gave him permission to enter the "big boy world".

He enjoyed taking a poster with pictures of him to his preschool that morning, along with bringing a special birthday treat! Daddy took him out to Levi's favorite place for lunch - Applebee's! That afternoon, the next question was "Am I STILL 4?" I told him he got to be 4 for a WHOLE year! He seemed pretty excited about that. The other all-consuming topic for the afternoon was "when would his friends arrive for his birthday party"? We were brave - inviting not only a couple of his "church" friends (Lydia Brown, Ella West and Connor & Cooper Barton), but we told him he could pick 3 friends from school - without hesitation he said "I want Brodie, Jake and Darius".

SO, at 5pm, the arrival of the rowdy boys and 2 quiet girls began. For the next 2 hours, we enjoyed meeting some new people and feasted on hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and watermelon - with ice cream cones and sundaes for dessert. It was great fun and quite loud with 6 boys between the ages of 2-4 running around the house since it was a bit chilly outside.

Some of the gifts Levi received were: a big dumptruck, a soccer ball, a Spiderman on a motorcycle, batman, a clock, and a Batman COSTUME (which was worn the rest of that night, to bed and all day the next day - WAY TO GO CONNOR & COOPER! Great gift!)

All in all, Levi says he enjoys being 4. We think he's growing up fast!!! It seems like yesterday when we welcomed little 8lb 13oz Levi William. Now, he's growing into a young boy who enjoys sports, friends, watching movies, spending time with daddy, and being a very sensitive and caring big brother to Julia (most of the time!).

Happy 4th Birthday Levi!!!

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B E T H said...

Happy Birthday Levi! You are such a joyful little boy! It looks like ya'll had a great celebration! :)